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How to Actually Achieve Your New Years Fitness Goals

Most people begin the new year with goals or resolutions to get fit and healthy, lose weight, and achieve a better quality of life, etc.. Although we begin with a bang, much like the fireworks on NYE, our motivation eventually fizzles as time goes on. So how is it that some succeed and some never do? The answer lies in a question that I posed on my Instagram account..

Are today’s actions taking you closer to where you want to be tomorrow? If not, time to change your strategy my friends! It's the consistent action steps that take you there! But, there’s another piece to that puzzle. While attempting to perfect my dance technique as a student, my beloved ballet teacher would say to me, “Baratta you’re approaching it the same way as yesterday, so you’re gonna get the same results. Change your approach and you change your results.” 😱🤦🏼‍♀️. What an “aha moment,” and it seemed so simple too.. problem was, I was still making the same mistakes because I didn’t know HOW TO CHANGE. If you don’t figure out the how, your action steps could be sending you in the wrong direction. This is where an expert comes in, which will save you a ton of wasted time in trial and error (one of THE top mistakes that most people embarking on a fitness journey make).

You won’t achieve your fitness goals overnight but it doesn’t have to take a lifetime of trial and error either. If you want to increase your chances of success in achieving your fitness goals (or in anything!), you’ve got to start with an expertly crafted plan. Without a plan, your goals are just wishful thinking. I’d like to share with you a step- by- step plan, with some tried and true success strategies I’ve used with my dance, fitness and pageantry clients (and for myself) that have not only brought success but served as a catalyst for future successes as well.

How to actually ACHIEVE Your New Year’s Fitness Goals:

  1. Get SPECIFIC with your goal. Get detailed and say, for example; “fit back into my skinny jeans by March 21st.” You also need to get specific with smaller goals that lead to the main goal (aka exercise 4x a week, eat healthy, quit soda, etc.) which leads to step 2-

  2. Create Actionable Steps from your smaller goals, which are essentially paths to the big one. Ideally, this plan is crafted by your trainer and nutritionist. These are the things you want to do regularly, whether they are daily or weekly. Some examples are: follow the DanceFit Form meal plan daily, drink 8 glasses of water a day, meal prep every Sunday, do Power HIIT Workout 2x a week, and DanceFit Classic workouts 3x a week, and so on.

  3. Find an expert(s), someone who has done what you’re trying to do (whether it be fitness or anything else). In this case, it’s pretty obvious- a fitness trainer and nutritionist will not only be the most valuable asset on your fitness journey, but also your cheerleader and help you with step 4- accountability.

  4. Accountability. Whether it's your trainer, friend, sister, or even your journal, finding someone (thing) to help you stay accountable is a great way to stay on track with your fitness goals. It creates a sense of responsibility to follow through with your actions. In our DanceFit Form program, you can access the member forum to connect with other members and of course, me (your trainer!). I love this feature because it not only helps to hold you accountable but it helps to build a sense of community around your goals, with others who are actually doing the same thing as you!

  1. Journaling. There's something magical about seeing on paper (or screen) what you've accomplished (or not). It's a real eye opener, giving you insight on what needs to change, and what's going really well. Actually, it's not magic at all but very practical and necessary on any fitness journey, so get writing!

  1. Celebrate small daily successes for fuel to bigger success. I really like this one because it pumps me up! I love the feeling of checking off a workout or glass of water in my fitness journal. It’s a gratifying little boost of confidence that keeps me going and creates a positive mindset. Remember, little successes add up to the big successes!

  2. Remember the Why. When you feel like it’s getting too tough to stick with your plan and feel like quitting, always go back to the why of your goal. Why have you set this goal and why is it important to you? Be honest with yourself and don’t forget to share your thoughts with a loved one, in our membership forum or in your journal too. We have motivational reminders on the DanceFit Form program to help you remember your why, as well as daily affirmations to create that ever-so-important #positivemindset everyone talks about on social media.

With this 7-step plan, you've got your map- now get going and start your fitness journey with a bang! Stay strong, focused, stay positive and don't forget to check in with ME in the DanceFit Form member forum!

Peace, Love and Happy, Healthy New Year!!



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