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The Plan

The DanceFit Nutrition Plan is a true clean- eating plan that combines the latest in nutritional research, developments and philosophies with a love of food.  We believe that food should be nourishing enjoyment.  It should be savored, not feared.  It should be fun, not abused.  We take the guesswork out of clean eating and serve it to you on a platter.. many platters, in fact!

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What Do I Get?

 You get a complete clean- eating guide, weekly menus (seasonally themed), recipes, healthy tips, DanceFit Detox, and more!  Recipes are not only delicious, slimming and fun, but they're family- friendly, allergy- friendly (customizable) and easy for any home- chef to prepare from omnivores to vegans. It's all laid out for you, and you get personalized support too! You got this, beautiful, and we got you!  ;-)

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