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Get to know the booty behind the barre..

Graziella Baratta Ventura

Dance Professional , Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Pre and Post Natal Specialist, Foodie

​​A triple threat performer (dancer/ singer/ actress), and former Ms United States, Graziella has performed for many years on regional stages, off- Broadway, TV & film.  As a dance and fitness professional, she has worn many hats from educator and competitive coach, choreographer and pageant fitness trainer.   It is through those roles that Graziella founded her principles of fitness and nutrition that would later become DanceFit Form and the Fit Foodie.  Graziella believes that fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, and naturally added certified holistic nutritionist, and pre & postnatal fitness specialist to her roster of titles.  Graziella is passionate about working with clients for weight loss, and optimal wellness, particularly with special dietary needs, including those suffering from food allergies, deficiencies, as well as inflammatory diseases.  Graziella's approach to nutrition is thorough, creative and always delicious. Her lifestyle diets are about finding a beautiful balance of nourishing enjoyment.

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"The DanceFit Form Workout is something I wished was available years ago.. it's my dream workout!"

I started (unknowingly) developing the DanceFIT Form workout years ago when I was training myself for the Ms. United States pageant and wanted a fun, full- body, comprehensive workout that wouldn't take me 2 hours of separate machinery or classes in the gym because I was busy building my career while holding down several dance and fitness jobs.  I wanted it all!  And I wanted it tailored to women's trouble zones, lengthening and tightening everything without adding bulk (HOLD UP!  Yes, it IS possible for a woman to add bulk because I am one of them!).  Well, after years of practice and experimentation- it's here!  DanceFit Form isn't your typical barre class, it's a Dance- based workout that pulls from many different forms of the art while adding in proven techniques to slim and tone the body.  I continued to develop and perfect this workout through the last few years as a new mom. This is what got me my pre-baby body back, all while feeling amazing, never starving or taxing the body beyond safe limits. DanceFit Form continues to evolve with new workouts and stay on top of fitness and nutrition developments, always keeping it fresh! 


P.S. I won the title of Ms. United States 2008!

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