Frequently asked questions

Is DanceFIT Form for anyone or do I need to have a dance background to do it?

YES! DanceFIT Form is for ANYONE who wants to get in shape, stay in shape and feel fantastic! No prior dance training is necessary! DanceFIT Form is designed to work for the novice all the way up to the dance professional to provide an amazing and fun full- body workout.

What if DanceFIT Form is not for me, can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Your fitness studio membership is valid for the entire month you are subscribed for. You can cancel anytime, and will not be billed for the following month. Once you have paid and subscribed for one month, no refunds will be made. The nutrition plan is a yearly subscription, therfore valid for an entire year and does not auto- renew. There are no refunds available for the yearly nutrition plan.

How fast can I see results?

Typical results can be seen within 4-6 weeks of classes, following the DanceFIT Form program calendar of 4-5 classes a week. Some see results even faster, especially with the 7 Day Slim Down & Detox Plan, included with every nutrition plan membership ;-)

How do the subscriptions work?

Fitness Studio membership is on a monthly basis, and is an amazing value with 24 hour access to all new classes including the ever growing library of videos. If you find that it's not for you, there's no obligation to renew the next month. If you just want to test out a single class, you can do so under the single class page. The nutrition plan (sold seperately) gives you access to all Seasonal and Weekly Meal Plans, the 7 Day Slim Down & Detox,the 2-Day Reset, Seasonal Challenges, Daily Mantras, the Recipe Database, the DanceFit Cafe community forum and more. We are now offering a monthly meal plan option as well as a the 7-Day Slim Down & Detox seperately. Please see Get The Plan for more information.

Is DanceFit Form safe during pregnancy?

DanceFit Form is a very low impact workout with the exceptions of the Dance Dance Cardio and HIIT based classes. While we are currently developing a specific prenatal and postnatal workout, the classic DanceFit Form and DanceFit Flow classes are great to do during pregnancy within your own personal fitness level. Never push yourself beyond your physical limitations or excercise without the consent of your doctor during pregnancy.

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