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Get Your Booty to the Barre!

How It Works

DanceFit Form isn't just a full- body, kick- butt, dance- based workout... it's an awesomely healthy, beautiful, exuberant lifestyle that you'll get addicted to.. in a good way! ;-)

The Workout: You get all the benefits of a traditional barre workout PLUS, many added elements that make this dance- HIIT- fusion workout one of a kind!  From the beginner to the pro, the DanceFit Form program can be customized for YOU!  No dance experience necessary and level modifications fit for all.

With your online DanceFit Studio membership, you get unlimited access to all classes that are added monthly, plus an ever- growing library of workouts you can take 24/7.  You will also get a suggested weekly workout schedule and seasonal challenges.




The Nutrition Plan: DanceFit Form is designed to be a total program, complete with a clean- eating nutrition guide, detoxes, weekly meal plans, delicious recipes, healthy tips, allergy and food preference accommodations and more.  We're here to make it easy for you to achieve your goals. The lifestyle diet is no fad, it's a way of life you'll enjoy and feel great about!  


Workout anywhere, anytime

Get the ultimate, full- body workout from wherever you are. No need to hold your studio membership or look for comparable classes when you're traveling either.  The entire DanceFit Form program is available anywhere you are with your mobile device or computer!  It works great on a phone, tablet , computer, even smart TV!



you're busy, you want to look and feel good.. I got you.

The DanceFit Story

I found the love for virtual teaching in 2008 with the introduction of Twitter, and was instantly hooked when I saw that I could train a client thousands of miles away (New York-Canada), and get her results the same exact way I trained clients in person.  That just blew my mind.  Since then, I've taught online fitness through many different "venues," and I'm thrilled to have finally devised a system that marries all the perfect elements into one simple, fun and effective fitness program, available anywhere, with any device, at any time. 


I'm now a stay-at-home mom of two girls, and workouts like these are a lifesaver for me!  I get more done in less time with a full- body workout that brings me back to my professional dance days.. win/win!  I'd love for you to join me in the exuberant DanceFit Form Lifestyle journey! 



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