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My Top 3 Anti Aging Superstars

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

When it comes to anti-aging, I am all for seeking out effective solutions that DON‘T involve a needle or a knife. Afterall, those are invasive, unnatural and expensive. If there are natural, effective solutions that work for less money, than why not?! Look no further because I've done the legwork, and am ready to share my lil secrets with you ;-) I give you my top 3 anti-aging superstars

1) Collagen- necessary for plump skin, supple joints and lean muscles, as well as gut health, aka the heart of the immune system. It used to be widely used as a filler, but has been replaced with other alternatives. Interestingly enough, when ingested, it seems to do a better job. There is a great deal of hype over collagen supplements, but also research- and all for good reason. I can personally say I have experienced glowing, more youthful looking skin, better gut health, faster muscle recovery and fat loss from taking powdered collagen. Just read what WebMD has to say about it. I love this brand- Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen, because it's a multi- collagen, so it is highly absorbed for that reason, and it's from Dr. Axe, a well- known integrative medicine doctor who is super passionate about collagen and has a great deal of experience with it.

2) Hyaluronic Acid- this has been nicknamed facelift in a bottle, and after using it myself I can definitely see why! Hyaluronic acid can be found in some creams and serums but I prefer to get an all- natural, full potency gel. You get more for your money this way because it's super concentrated and this particular brand I use is free of nasty chemicals and filler ingredients that could potentially reverse the beneficial properties of hyaluronic acid. Why do I love it so much? It REALLY plumps the skin in just a few minutes, and with regular use, results are even more visible. It helps moisturizers bind to your skin and absorption is boosted. Essentially, you're getting a two for one because it makes your moisturizer more effective. I recommend applying it on clean skin, just after a toner. Gently pat the gel into the fine lines you'd like to reduce first. Then apply a thin layer all over the face, gently patting it in with finger tips.

Asterwoord Naturals Hyaluronic Acid really amazing and I couldn't recommend it more!

3) Tea- teas are very rich in antioxidants, which help to reverse DNA damage from all kinds of toxins we’re exposed to on a regular basis from environmental to food- something we can all use! Oxidation is what causes aging, in all tissues and organs of the body. Teas help combat those free radicals (youth- robbing bandits!), particularly green and black teas. I absolutely love Teami Blends teas, from their detox Skinny tea to their Focus tea, and Profit and others. They're all blends that contain the highest anti- oxidant teas that are not only radical- fighting but metabolism boosting: KEY in the anti- aging battle! Use my 25% OFF promo code for any Teami Teas and products: GRAZIELLA25 at

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