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Sample Lifestyle Diet MENU

*Please keep in mind when mentioning any dairy or meat products, I am only recommending non- growth hormone and non- antibiotic produced meat and dairy.  This is very important!  


1- Oatmeal with fruit, made with organic milk (or milk substitute such as non- gmo soy, almond, oat or hemp milk).

2- A whole grain cereal with milk of choice, and a whole fruit

3- 1 to 2 eggs cooked any way with cheese, 1 piece of whole grain toast or whole wheat wrap and a whole fruit.

4- Turkey sausage with goat cheese & grilled red pepper in a whole wheat wrap

5- Yogurt with granola & fruit




1- A handful of walnuts or almonds with a handful of dried berries or cranberries.

2- Two slices of cheese & a handful of raw veggies or dried berries

3- Half a whole wheat pita with cheddar or mozzarella cheese

4- A latte with stevia, agave nectar or raw organic sugar

5- A whey protein shake

6- Tablespoon full of natural peanut butter (no additives, just peanuts) and apple slices



Lunches and Dinners:

1- A large salad of mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, chick peas & goat cheese w/ a small sandwich (or half sandwich) of free- range turkey breast, Veganese, lettuce, tomato on whole grain bread.  *Turkey, chicken, and roast beef are best coldcut choices as long as they are free- range and/or do not contain nitrates, antibiotics & growth hormones.   Ham is a second choice.

2- A whole grain- type of pasta (which has a higher fiber content) with a simple Italian tomato sauce.  A side serving of fruit, veggie or salad.

3- A bean salad made with any type of bean, cooked or raw chopped veggies, herbs, olive oil & spices.

4- A simple Brown rice stir- fry w/ meat and veggies made with olive oil, soy sauce and your own spices.  *Stay away from store bought Asian sauces which usually contain corn syrup, MSG and unhealthy oils.

5- A grass- fed burger, small serving of baked French fries and a large salad.

6- A piece of grilled, broiled or baked chicken, fish, beef or veal slightly larger than the palm of your hand (only on occasion pork), with a steamed or sautéed vegetable.  Adding herbs, spices and a bit (1-2 teaspoons) of olive oil or butter is permitted.

7- A piece of grilled, broiled or baked chicken, fish, beef, lamb or veal slightly larger than the palm of your hand (only on occasion pork), with a large salad.


*Rules For Dinners:

Stick mostly to the protein and veggie meals for dinner, and reduce the starchy carbs significantly.

When having a serving of a starch for dinner limit it to no larger than the size of the palm of your hand.


Carbohydrate- heavy (starchy) foods are any grains, pastas, breads, rice, potatoes, beans, bananas, sugars and desserts (even low- fat or fat free ones).


**The meal suggestions in the original lifestyle diet above are just samples, but substitutions may be made according to your preferences and/or food allergies and sensitivities.  For example, you always want to substitute a food suggestion with the same type of food, (i.e., a protein for another type of protein, a grain for another type of grain, a fruit for another type of fruit, and a vegetable for another type of vegetable).


***Lastly, please keep in mind that most restaurants do NOT cook with growth hormone and antibiotic free dairy, meat, and organic produce unless noted in their menu.  There ARE some though: Chipotle, Panera Bread, Better Burger, Whole Foods Market Food, and numerous other small businesses.



The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Please consult your physician when beginning any weight- loss, exercise and diet regimen.

Class Formats
  • DanceFIT Form Signature Class: 45-50Min

  • DanceFIT Form Express: 25 Min condensed signature class (moves very fast!)

  • DanceFIT Flow: 35- 45 Min Yoga/Pilates/Stretch

  • DanceFIT Bursts: Short Targeted Workouts 5- 15 min.

  • DanceFIT Dance: 35- 45 Min Dance Cardio

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